The Press on Shunya Se

From Zero to Eternity: a unique dance production … a spirit of collaboration, a challenge to do something unique and a quest for the unknown.
- Subhajit Banerjee
The Statesman, Kolkata
Preview, 20 September 2003

It reaches beyond the broad classification of choreography as part of dance terminology. Instead, its various performative aspects including space designing using pure dance movements, elements of deign, spatial elements during performances including stage, décor, lights, sound, costume, colour, choreography and theatrical elements are explored in its totality.
- The Telegraph, Calcutta
Preview, 26 September 2003

Primordial Ingredients: the interpretation of the concept of the pancha maha bhuta, through the idiom of dance …The handling of the theme is largely non-conventional in terms of traditional Kathak. There has been very little use of poetry, apart from a few Sanskrit verses and a song by Tagore, giving it a new idea-gesture relationship.
The dancers have experimented luxuriously with stage props, lights, western music, Indian percussive instruments, silence and sound. The dancing body too is seen searching for new forms. At every point, there has been a conscious effort to retain the abstractness of the concept rather than trying to formulate it.
The dancers handle this challenge competently.
- Vandana Alase Hazra
The Telegraph, Calcutta
3 October 2003

A Show that Blended Kathak with Modern Dance Forms: The dancers traversed the physical and metaphysical worlds, along with the factual and the mythical. Though the choreography was based on Kathak, the dancers did not limit themselves to this form. Foraying interestingly into balletic movements (though one did not fail to recognise the elegant north Indian style in the fluid hand movements, precise pirouettes and energetic footwork), the theme was treated through many different modes and motifs.
The choreography sought to delve into the forms of Kathak and re-emerged with movements that were startlingly modern and experimental.
It was almost as if the essence of the form was extracted and blended with the flexibility of ballet to arrive at movements that were graceful and evocative at the same time.
- Kathakali Jana
The Hindustan Times, Calcutta
9 October 2003

an evening of grace and deft movements … the effect was mesmerising
- The Time of India, Calcutta
29 September 2003