The presentation begins with Summer (Grishma) where the heat and physical discomfort finds a parallel in a state of mental restlessness. One feels unfulfilled, yet one does not really know what one is searching for.
With the advent of the monsoon clouds, this thirst is replaced with hope. This awakening of the earth also awakens in us an acknowledgement of beauty, of grace. The blossoming of love is embodied in the form of Ghazal, and this meeting of two souls carries us through the Monsoon to the cool moonlit nights of Sarat.
This sets the scene and time for performing the Raas Nritya (the glorious love dalliance of Krishna and Radha in the groves of Vrindavan) which Kathak has chiselled into a many-layered form of expression. As the year moves into Hemant, the time for parting arrives, bringing with it a melancholy all its own. As Winter sets in, despondency and bitterness grow, until the earth stirs with life responding to the call of Spring.  Reunion is inevitable, and with reunion comes joy, bliss and playfulness embodied in the festival of Holi. Radha and Krishna are once again evoked as they play Holi with one another, revelling in their togetherness and love.